A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T


Dwelling is to live in. To think, write, or speak of a place, a memory. It is a conscious lingering that is innately

present and past.


My work explores the desire to gather, collect, and to dwell on memories through investigating heightened meanings attached to mundane events and objects. I construct painted spaces comprised of observations of the present allowing remembrances to filter onto the canvas. These installations function like altars or reliquaries that elevate the importance of the ordinary in ways that become indelible. Paintings are paired with humble found objects gathered as a souvenir. Poetry fragments emerge on the canvas as calligraphic marks that repeat as a meditation that persists in quiet echoes. My paintings seek to pause, acknowledge, and reflect on the everyday through tendency and tenderness, reverence and reverie, memory and memorabilia, storage and stories.